Meet our team


Carol Fraser

Carol Fraser has extensive dance training in ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, and all forms of swing dancing. She has taught and competed all over the world and holds numerous titles including US Open Swing Dance Champion, American Lindy Hop Champion, and North American Dance Champion.

Carol focuses on teaching body mechanics, body motion and movement, connection, partnership skills and overall dance technique. Her focus in these areas draw novices and professionals alike to seek her guidance and coaching. She has choreographed award winning partner and team routines throughout the United States and was commissioned for the World War II Memorial dedication in Washington DC to assemble a lindy hop routine for the President and attendees.


Charla Lambert

Charla is a dance savant. She has learned more about dance in her short tenure as a dancer than most would learn in ten years. (Note: Charla didn't write any of that.) She enjoys all forms of partner dance, including ballroom and Latin, though she's particularly fond of swing. Charla is always a joy to dance with and she's looking forward to sharing her love of Jazz Age and Big Band era dances with the Long Island community.


Kathleen Crayne

Contact Kathleen for any and all elements relating to marketing, promotion, performances, dancers-for-hire, onsite private instructions and consultations.